muddy tuqoise handmade ceramic pendant by amanda bottomley amanda bottomley


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round fluted flower pendant
round fluted pendant
smooth oval pendant
leaf pendant
rectangular pendant
round smooth pendant
fluted round pendant
free form pendant
arrow head pendant
rectangular smooth pendant
round textured pendant
starfish pendant
round green stoneware pendant
turquoise brown round pendant
light blue round pendant
light blue round textured pendant
tiger striped fluted pendant
iron red starfish pendant
oatmeal round fluted pendant
snow on brick round pendant
turquoise brown round textured pendant
snow on brick smooth round pendant
free form  smooth pendant
smooth muddy blue leaf pendant
rust on snow button pendant
moss round textured pendant
white round fluted pendant
turquoise leaf pendant
round oatmeal textured pendant
smooth shiny blue free form  pendant
cobalt on white smooth rectangular pendant
round iro red textured pendant
muddy blue fluted rectangular pendant
rectangular swirly pendant
round moss swirly pendant
round mossy star pendant
mossy fluted leather pendant
moss rose embossed pendant
swirly snow on brick pendant
turquoise freeform star pendant
rectangular turquoise leather embossed pendant
stormy blue swirls pendant
smooth iron round pendant
black swirly oval pendant
black embossed leather pendant
smooth sand with blue stripes
blue and white fluted swirl pendant
granny apple fluted rose pendant
bent rusty swirl pendant
murky green leather embossed pendant
cobalt leather embossed pendant
cobalt rose embossed pendant
smooth mossy pendant
muddy turquise embossed leather pendant
muddy turquoise swirly pendant
sandy blue embossed leather pendant
sandy blue swirly pendant
sand leather embossed pendant sea stripe
round seaweed pendant
seaweed rose and star pendant
seaweed leaf pendant
seaweed leather embossed pendant
swirly seaweed pendant
moss swirl pendant
moss rose and star pendant
moss geometric swirl pendant
moss leather embossed pendant
moss leaf pendant
seaweed two hole pendant
mossy blue smooth pendant
smooth seaweed pendant
swirl seaweed pendant
seaweed geometric swirl pendant
mottled green leaf pendant
iron red
yellow gears
square button frosted moss
shiny cobalt star
mossy textured
iron red textured
turquoise textured
blue and yellow gears
mossy flowers
smooth granny apple
mottled texture
textured haybale
blue gears on white stoneware
yellow rectangular gears
muddy blue texture
foggy turquoise on white stoneware
ironstone red texture
muddy smooth
bright orange texture
greenish gears on white stoneware
smooth muddy turquoise
smooth shiny cobalt
star muddy turquoise
orange and blue pendant
sand and sea pendant
textured oatmeal pendant
matte denim pendant
textured olive black pendant
orange and green pendant
murky turquoise pendant
cobalt and olive pendant
granny green and orange pendant
textured sand pendant
iron red and cobalt pendant
denim and sand pendant
orange textured pendant
granny green and blue pendant