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Felted Ipad Bags

knitted felted bag by amanda bottomley knitted felted ipad bag by amanda bottomley

So you may be asking what are felted bags doing on a potter's website. The simple evolution. While selling pots at a local street fair I was approached by Sarah Punderson, a well accomplished knitter and pattern designer, with a request to make her a yarn bowl. Having no idea what she was talking about she brought me one of hers as an example. I set out to make her one. Of course I had to make several, trying various designs and placement of the cut away. The first batch was a disaster with the cut away portion causing significant warping. I am having better luck now, tweeking as I go, and fully intend to make more. Sarah was gracious when she picked her wonky bowl up and invited me to sit in on her weekly knitting group. Having only knitted a scarf or two, I was feeling quite inadequate on my first sit in. All of the ladies were kind to me and I left having learned the lingo and a fancy stitch or two. So now I have the knitting bug and enjoy evenings with fingers entwined in yarn. I made a handful of whimsical bags for my neices for Christmas and went a little crazy after that. Been having fun mixing different types of yarn, and just like the surprise of opening a glaze kiln, opening the lid of the washing machine holds the same type of appeal. Many of the bags have buttons that I made myself. Just watch me...Next I'll be dying my own wool.

Have a looksee and a smile and contact me if you're interested in one.

purse before fletingpurse after felting

Here is an example of a bag before and after felting. Beginning measurements 19 inches high by 18 inches wide. Finished dimentions 11 inches high by 12 inches wide.