pottery by Amanda Bottomley
pendants by Amanda Bottomley

amanda bottomleyI am a life long resident of Island Heights, a small Jersey shore town. Daughter of two extremely talented woodworkers. I was exposed to many types of tools and encouraged to create with my hands. I had always been enamored with the idea of working with clay. Immediately upon graduating from college, in the mid 1990's, I returned to my local community college and began taking classes. I took the 4 classes in ceramics that were offered and continued to audit the class for several years after that. I attended workshops whenever possible. Finally a home renovation allowed me to build a workspace of my own, and a kiln shed in the back yard.

I like to make pieces that are functional and not heavily decorated. I am inspired by the colors and textures of the shore. and incorporate the idea of shore simplicity in my work.

As of late I have been experimenting with stoneware pendants. They began as filler between pots in the kiln, but have recently become a mainstay and cause for greater focus in my work.

I hope you take a few moments to take a look at what I've been making and enjoy a taste of the shore's simplicity.


mark throws a bowl My youngest son demonstates throwing and trimming a bowl. Click on his photo to view slideshow demonstration.